Jazz Brew

Saturday @ 7:00 pm

Whitehall, Ohio, USA

Gig Details


Venue Details

675 South Yearling Road
Whitehall, Ohio 43213

The WSAX 3rd Annual Jazz Brew Fundraising Concert Brings Paul Taylor, along with NexLevel and The Urban Jazz Coalition to the Walter Armes Learning Center Auditorium At Whitehall-Yearling High School on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

Central Ohio, it’s the SEMM Foundation, Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX 3rd Annual Jazz Brew Fundraiser Concert to kick off the 2018 Jazz Brew Concert Series and what better way to count down and end the year than with the international contemporary jazz recording saxophonist, Paul Taylor.

Performing many of his hits like Ladies’ Choice or the title track from his new CD, Countdown, plan to spend Saturday evening, December 9th, being thoroughly entertained by Paul Taylor, one of the country’s urban contemporary jazz superstars, brewing jazz Paul Taylor style.